DC-DC step up converter?


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2009-02-11 12:58 am
Look up "boost converter" or "buck/boost converter". A boost converter can be as simple as a 555 timer IC, MOSFET switch, inductor, diode, and output cap. Feedback is preferred, though.

Rather than building your own converter, you could also use one of the many available ICs. Look in the Power section of National Semiconductors, Texas Instruments, and others.

Above assumes that you're talking relatively low voltages (< 40 V).
It's a small power supply, 21-24VDC @ 100mA.
I wan't to use stuff that I have lying around instead of spending money on a new wall wart.

Input voltage? I guess anything between 5-18VDC? There are lot's of wall wart lying around. :)
None big enough to do it on it's own though. :/

Linear operation is good, switch mode supplies tend to deteriorate the audio signal in the end. It's for a Lightspeed clone.
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