Dbx Driverack PA encoder and button fix - any tips?


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2008-07-17 8:47 am
I bought a second hand Driverack PA. Soundwise it is OK, but the button pushed by the encoder wheel button double clicks most of the time when pushed and the next page button needs to be pressed a few times before it actually reacts. Did anyone take these apart and maybe repair a similar issue? I googled the encoder as a spare, but does it include the push switch? And can a single button switch be replaced without replacing the whole panel and which would be the recommended replacement? Thanks for any tips amd help where to get spares and how to fix. It is still usable, but I expect these two things to fail in near future.

Edit: It seems that the encoder is quite common and costs a few dollars. Any specs I should look for? Now to find the correct button type and I am all set.
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