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Dbx 157


2008-02-20 9:21 pm
I have a vintage rack mount dual side by side DBX "Decilinear Noise Reduction System" that i'm no longer in need of. The system has four stereo inputs, four stereo outputs, with a total of eight seperate level controls ranged from 100mv-3 volts, all of which are on the rear panel. The front panel has two seperate power buttons, four seperate play buttons, four seperate record buttons, and a red led indicater over each button. It is in working condition, for it being an older noise reduction system it looks bairly used. I'm asking 75$ plus shipping charges for it. If you think you might be interested, contact me, and i'll sent you a picture of it. I would post a picture now, but i temperarely lent my digital camera to a friend, sorry..