Dayton RS28AS-4?

I know these are no longer available and not very relevant anymore, but... I have a line on a pair locally and was curious as to how they compare to the non shielded version? Everything I could find was either on the A or F, and it seems as no one has used the shielded version in any projects that I could find. Is this because the shielding is simply not necessary these days? Or was there something inherently better/worse between the non shielded/shielded?

For reference, I'd like to build an MTM with a pair of B&C 8BG51s and SEOS8, inspired by Pete Schumacher's "Home/Pro 8" 2-Way" project. So the big question(for me) is if these would be just as successful crossing in the neighborhood of 1-1.1kHz?

Thanks in advance.