Dayton Reference RS-180 vs RS-180P?

The newer paper/kevlar & glass fiber coned RS-180P is based on the well regarded aluminum coned RS-180 but I can find no first hand comparisons and the specs are too close for me as a novice to guess the differences in sound.

I would like to use either the paper or aluminum versions in my 1986 GMC C-1500 truck doors. These will cross to B&G Neo 8 planars around 800hz with a pair of Pioneer slim 10" subs for low duty to about 80hz.

Any suggestions as to which would be preferred within this proposed 80-800hz cross? I will be using an active crossover so adjust-ability should not be an issue. The dreaded aluminum cone break-up should not be an issue in this range.

What I am looking for is the best match-up to the fast, neutral and dynamic mid-range planar's.
If there are other similar $100/pair mid-bass/woofer suggestions I would welcome them as well.

Thanks for any thoughts in advance!