Dayton III MTM (Shieded Version?)

I done a search and did not manage to answer the question myself. Hope that you guys can help me out.

I am interested in building the Dayton III MTM. But I noticed that both the Woofer (DAYTON DC160-8 6.5" Classic Woofer) and the Tweeter (DAYTON DC28F-8 1-1/8" SILK DOME TWEETER) used is not shielded (correct me if I am wrong).

As I will be placing the speaker next to the TV, I was wondering if I could replace those drivers with DAYTON DC160S-8 6.5" Classic Shielded Woofer and DAYTON DC28FS-8 1-1/8" Shielded SILK DOME TWEETER respectively?

In short, may I use the SHIELDED version since I will be placing it on the side of the TV?

Thank in advance in answering my question.
Had take a look at the T/S parameters for both shielded and not shielded version. The values are not exactly the same. If that is the case, which parameters are of importance and what is consider acceptable in term of its difference in values?

Thanks in advance.

Dayton DC160-8-6.5 Classic Woofer
Re 7.05 [ê ]
Fs 32.88 [Hz]
F1 20.54 [Hz]
F2 51.58 [Hz]
Zm 79.43 [ê]
D 130.00 [mm]
Qms 3.64
Qes 0.35
Qts 0.32
Bl 11.07 [N/A]
L1K 2.29 [mH]
L10K 0.98 [mH]
Ms 29.78 [g]
Vas 19.35 [l]
dBSpl 85.39 [dB]
Cms 0.79 [mm/N]
Ma 48.00 [g]
FsMa 20.35 [Hz]

Dayton DC160-8-6.5 Classic Shielded Woofer
Re 7.00 [ê ]
Fs 32.55 [Hz]
F1 19.95 [Hz]
F2 53.09 [Hz]
Zm 83.03 [ê]
D 132.00 [mm]
Qms 3.43
Qes 0.32
Qts 0.29
Bl 10.97 [N/A]
L1K 2.44 [mH]
L10K 0.98 [mH]
Ms 26.57 [g]
Vas 23.53 [l]
dBSpl 86.63 [dB]
Cms 0.90 [mm/N]
Ma 48.00 [g]
FsMa 19.43 [Hz]