Dayton DMA-90 3.5 inch alu cone

This unit is now available:



Resonant frequency Fs 88.2 Hz
Surface of the diaphragm Sd 38.5 cm²
Effective diaphragm diameter Ø 7 cm
DC resistance Re 3.8 Ω
Mechanical Q Qms 2.50
Electrical Q Qes 0.56
Total Q factor Qts 0.45
Efficiency bandwidth product EBP 157
Suspension equivalent air volume Vas 2.265 litres
Suspension mechanical compliance Cms 1030 µm/N
Moving mass Mmd 3.1 g
Moving mass (including airload) Mms 3.2 g
Mechanical resistance Rms 0.7 N·s/m
Force factor BL 3.5 T·m
Voice coil inductance Le 0.3 mH
Maximum linear excursion Xmax ± 2.5 mm
Displacement volume at Xmax Vd 9.6 cm³
Efficiency η₀ 0.27 %
Dayton Audio DMA90 - 3.5" Full-range
8 ohm version available too

Does anybody have any other measurements on this driver?
I'm probably going to end up buying and measuring it anyway, it's dirt cheap.