Dayton Audio TCP115-4 with Peerless by Tymphany DX20BF00-04


Like always I have many beginner questions, some of them concern multi-way issues and some touch box design.

Goal is to build a small 2-way 9L bookshelf with very cheap parts and respectable bass extension. I only want to use assembled crossovers. Sounds impossible right? :)

First the drivers:

1. Tweeter - Peerless by Tymphany DX20BF00-04 3/4" Silk Dome Tweeter

Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 86.9 dB 1W/1m
Frequency Response 2500 to 20,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency (Fs)824 Hz
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

2. Woofer - Dayton Audio TCP115-4 4" Treated Paper Cone Woofer

Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 86.8 dB 2.83V/1m
Frequency Response 55 to 5,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency (Fs)53.8 Hz

3. Crossover - Cheap ebay car-audio crossover: 3000 Hz 12dB | 200 W | 4 Ohm
Crossover Pair 1 away from cf103 Ideal For Tweeter ct250 - 3000 Hz 12db 4 ohm | eBay

4. Enclosure - 9L enclosure tuned to 39Hz, F3 36hz with Moncaor BR-30HP vent, 29mm diameter, 123mm length MONACOR: BR-30HP
I added WinISD graph.


1. Is this tweeter suitable for this woofer in a 2way setup? If not, are there any cheap alternatives?
2. Will the crossover work? Are there any cheap alternatives to the one I am planning to use? Is 3000Hz a bit too high? Dayton used 2500hz crossover in their MK402 speaker with the same woofer.
3. MK402 with the same woofer is half the size of my project. With smaller enclosure this woofer gives more flatter response curve, but my graph shows that it's nothing terrible, that mild hump at 40hz shouldn't affect the sound much? Or would it?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


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