Dayton Audio Sig series

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Yeah very rude to post the page up without manual and somehow Google guided me to it before they are ready
To be fair, this is not "posted." If you go to PE's page and search for this driver it doesn't come up. They did this with some of their last round of drivers too, and a lot of it was getting the template page ready to go live and some of the description and TS parameters changed. So take this as a "sneak peak" but it doesn't mean it is 100% accurate yet.
They could've inverted the rubber surround for maximum style points. That capless cone does look fancy.

EDIT: That actually looks like a decent mid/woofer. If they're cheap/mid price, I could see them getting stacked up for high SPL. They have a nice range.

There's a distortion graph in the FRD/ZMA files they included. That bump at 850 isn't inspiring, and there's no reference volume.
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Reminds me of the Carbon Fiber Series from Lyeco/Taiwan , the smallest driver LW098CR-8 (use 2 in paralell for more SPL) has a quite even freq resp (of course smoothed to death for better looks) is what I need/want!

Inverted dome tweeter would be fine ... or ring radiator , once dayton had one but was too much recessed into the face plate , resulted in an unpleasant hiccup in the response graph!

Make Taiwan great again :)

This is a perfect day .. planning a new speaker makes me everytime electric :)

Good looks & low prices ... go and grab them :)

Let's hope for 8 Ohm versions too!

I hope Soundimports in germany will offer them soon ... will do a request to them now!

Let's flood the planet with climate boosters :)
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Great introduction price from Parts express. Plus the recommended price looks OK in comparison to the rest of the market.

Advertising blurb re Kippel testing will be interesting to see how well it translates into usage, implementing Xovers and how it translates into how it sounds

Does anyone know if there is an eight ohm version planned, I would prefer to try the higher impedance if possible?