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Dayton Audio Reference Speakers - $1300

Time to sell my Dayton Audio Reference speakers and move on to something else. They are full range, 4-driver, 3-way speakers using all aluminum reference drivers. These speakers are a level of clarity and focus many speaker can't produce, and a treat for music and movies. They do like a lot of power to achieve their best dynamics and bass (currently being driven by a 600wpc Carver amp), but an amplifier could be negotiated into the price. If you're interested in picking up a high quality pair of speakers for your audiophile system, let's chat and set up a demo. You will not find a better sounding pair of speakers for multiple times the money!

Dayton Audio Reference series dual 8" woofers, 7" midrange and 1.25" aluminum dome tweeters. The cabinet is a very solid 1.5" MDF with hardwood sides; black texture paint. Crossovers are high quality using Jantzen and Dayton Audio components, and separates boards for the woofers, and mids/highs.

The midrange crossover is crossed at 300 and 1600 third order 18db to minimize ringing and beaming with the aluminum midbass, and the tweeter is crossed at 1600 fourth order (24db) with a LRC Leg in parallel to suppress the rise at around 7k hz. Drivers operate in their own sealed and stuffed enclosure. The woofers are wired in parallel with 2nd order crossover (12db electrical) at 300hz; low frequency response of woofers based on the box volume is around 55 hz at f3. Woofers operate in their own sealed and stuffed enclosure.

Physical time alignment of the cabinet based on the sizes of the drivers, 15 degree tilting baffle was a sufficient compensation.

[IMGDEAD]http://images.craigslist.org/3L63Jd3N15Ie5H45Mbd5fcac4d99d48951515.jpg[/IMGDEAD] [IMGDEAD]http://images.craigslist.org/3La3Nf3Hd5Na5L85K7d5b550661f2deac10c7.jpg[/IMGDEAD] [IMGDEAD]http://images.craigslist.org/3rb3I73qa5K35qf5Jfd692f4d191e1405140b.jpg[/IMGDEAD]
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