Dayton Audio NHP25Ti-4

I'm helping a friend to design a 3 way hifi floorstander, and on the search for a good tweeter for this that is cheap i found this Dayton Audio NHP25Ti-4 tweeter that looks very promising on paper. But i can't find any real world reports about this one. Does anybody has experience with this tweeter down here?

Or can you sugest an other cheaper (<50€) tweeter that can be used for the +5kHz section, with an efficiency of min 92dB/2.83V/1m and has a good (not to sharp) sound. For mids we are mainly looking at Faital 3 or 4" drivers, and bass/sub will probally be SB Acoustics (but it's still open).

The user wants to use it with a passive crossover and a 16w tube amp, so high efficiency (+90dB) is needed, and dsp or high power class D amps are not an option for this for the user so it's useless to suggest drivers that will need those.
The Sb26STAC is often quoted as a favourite on here in this price range and has 91.5db/w/m sensitivity. This is a fabric dome.

For a tad over $50 the SB26ADC or SB26CDC is again a favourite but an aluminium dome (or in the case of the CDC an oxidised/coated aluminium) at 90db/w/m.