Dayton Audio MK402 crossover upgrade


2018-01-08 12:14 am

I have a pair of the Dayton Audio MK402 speakers. There is a new version, called Dayton Audio MK402X with upgraded crossovers but with the same speakers. I want to upgrade mine. Could anybody make a schematics of this?


How could I find out the values of the coils?

Thank you in advance.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
Bear in mind that the manufacturer's description of the advantages of the upgraded crossover may be prone to exaggeration!

The Dayton Audio MK402X bookshelf speaker pair has the same amenities as the popular MK402 but an upgraded, more refined crossover delivers a smoother, non-fatiguing high-end.
The photo you show is of the upgraded crossover and, for anyone willing to help, here is the manufacturer's description:

It features a 3.3 kHz,1st order high-pass, 2nd order low-pass filter. The 7-component crossover uses asymmetrical slopes.
P.S. Inductors are not normally labelled so usually have to be measured, which would not be possible unless you actually obtain the new version of the speakers. The manufacturer is unlikely to tell you.

P.P.S It appears that the manufacturer can't make up their mind!
3.3 kHz, 3rd order high-pass, 2nd order low-pass (asymetrical slopes)
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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
According to the above review, the MK402 was indeed in need of upgrading!

"I'm not going to spend much time explaining how many ways this speaker (the MK402) fails sonically. This is not a good sounding speaker, take my word for it."
At the end of the day, the improved MK402X version is only $70 a pair, and to upgrade the crossover of your MK402 to match the new one could cost almost as much!


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
I can't imagine what the issue is with the improved crossover. Do people mean to say that they learned actually nothing despite of all what has been written in this forum?
I'm confused by your statement as nobody has stated that there is an issue with the improved crossover. :confused:

The improved crossover is obviously superior (in component count at least) to the original one!

However, it may cost diysub almost as much to duplicate the improved version of the crossover as to purchase the improved version of the loudspeaker.

I say this because the manufacturer has a distinct advantage in component cost due to bulk buying.

If you are arguing that DIY satisfaction should be the prime objective, then I'm sure diysub will be happy if someone can help him with the schematic and inductor values he requests.