Dayton Audio DMA90-4 and DMA90-8

Hello everyone. I am planning to build home theater speakers using the Dayton Audio DMA90-4 and DMA90-8.
My idea is to put two DMA90-8 in parallel for the center channel and for the front and rear channels to use single DMA90-4.
I was thinking of adding a HIVI T20 tweeter to each channel.
My question is what volume would each box have, how wide would the front baffle be and if it is convenient to put the HIVI tweeter on it.
Greetings and thank you for your help.
For DMA90-8 from Reverb site.

No need to mix 4 ohm and 8 ohm.

Just do simple 2 way design with 8 ohm.
1 woofer 1 tweet all the way across.

Box volume can just follow standard alignments
which any box sim will give.

For lowest baffle step and flat response
make baffle wide as possible.

Conventional designs typical make them
as skinny and annoying as possible.

Behavior of baffle width quickly understood and
Because most common crossover design software
includes baffle sim and diffraction.
Since you are in Uruguay, maybe something more local could be considered? PRV drivers are made in Brazil. Paired with a tweeter that will do 4kHz, the 4MR60-4 is a great sounding midbass sealed and stuffed in 2 ltrs. With the higher sensitivity, you won't need the higher current amplifiers, and most 8 ohm amplifiers I've tried them with did not care after xover was added. You can look up my Synchaeta design using a Dayton ND25F-8 tweeter for inspiration.