Dayton audio DCS380-4 VS. Eminence Alpha 15A: the battle of the budget woofers

I just put together an open baffle with a full range driver and only wish to add a subwoofer crossed over around 100hz on the same baffle and completely open. i already have two eminence Alpha 15As that sound decent but i just found this subwoofer with higher Qts and lower resonance frequency. I realize that 15A is really a woofer designed to cover a wider range and the Dayton is really just a sub. I will be using these (,aybe 4 of them, 2 per side) under 100hz.

the only reason that I'm opening this thread the reviews on the dayton audio are only from people with vintage box speakers. I want to know for my open baffle use with the front baffle that measures 16 high and 24 wide (meanibng that each driver will be mounted on a 16 by 24 inches panel and then mounted on top of the one below it so that the 1 full range driver and the two woofers per sinde each having their own 16 by 26 panel make up the front baffle that will be 4 feet tall), is there a reason to not go with the dayton? any 1st hand experience?
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I looked up the DCS380-4 (I know - get a life...) and the Qts=0.44. The Alpha 15A is 1.26.

With its half-roll suspension (versus accordion), the DCS380-4 looks a lot "floppier" - with its 21.5Hz Fs... I wonder if it'll work well as an assistant in an OB?
Just FYI - I had some Alpha-15a running open baffle. They were very good between about 150Hz and 750Hz. Below 150Hz they struggled a bit if you turned it up (not much Xmax) and were a bit noisy. Above 750Hz they started to shout. But within their band of competence they performed better than one would expect for the price. Just don't ask them to do what they cannot do.