Dayton 8 - available in Australia?

Hi all,

I was about to embark on my third speaker building journey and start to build the Dayton 8 ( which I've been eying for more than a year. I was just about to place the order from Parts Express after happily seeing they post to Australia, to find out the postage is almost US$170! I couldn't believe it, especially considering the price of the components is less than US$200. There's a parts list on the website I've mentioned and my question is, can these parts be found in Australia?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I used to get a few in. Problem is the postage as you mentioned, and the only thing I can recommend is finding something similar to replace it closer to home. When they do get to the land down under, they don't work out to be the budget driver they once were, just more like the somewhat overpriced 'Yeah goes okay' driver.

Problem comes from the fact Dayton are the Parts Express brand so to speak. Only can get them from the States, and no where else. If I could ship from the actual factory in Asia where ever, that would be another story no doubt.

Regards, Dan
Thanks for the info guys, though it is unfortunate news as I was so enthusiastic about this project. Thinking slightly outside the box, are there any comparable projects to this Dayton 8 project where the necessary parts are readily available in Oz? Or can anyone steer me in the right direction for possible projects where I could locally source the parts?
That Aranmar Acoustics website looks incredibly familiar, were they once Acoustic Concepts?

Hah I just read the first paragraph on the front page and it says that, interesting. I bought some drivers from there several years ago, I've sent out an email for the price list so I'll probably start cackling soon when I see the selection I have!
Tommo said:
That Aranmar Acoustics website looks incredibly familiar, were they once Acoustic Concepts?

One and the same. Your Acoustic Concepts liink will take you to Aranmar. Just a half hearted name change.

Price importing Seas from Madisound as a comparison with their prices before you go too far. Allow for freight in both cases.
I've been looking through the price list and I've come up with the

Seas CA22RNX: 8" 30-3000hz
Seas 27TDFC: 1500-25000hz

I'm looking for comparable performance, especially in bass (they'll be frequently used as party speakers) to the Dayton 8. I'd be going for a ported design, would I be able to achieve this goal with one woofer or would I need to have two? I've been punching some numbers and ended up with ~176L for two drivers and ~92L for one driver.