Dayton 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter

As some of you may be aware, this driver has been backordered for quite a while, and the date keeps getting pushed back. I am in the middle of making a set of "Dayton Budget Projects" for a friend of mine (heading off to college, small sound system). Annother friend of mine is starting to make the "Lyra" design with the Silk dome, and also needs tweeters. He's also considering making a center channel, most likely the UniCC with a silkie (to match the silk dome Lyras). He always has the option of switching over to Titanium, but I have some Dayton Budget projects all built and waiting for tweeters!

What should i do to acquire tweeters? They current ETA is 7-15-05, and I don't think we can possibly wait longer than that. We're going to have to do something if that falls through. My friend said that he would go to the titanium's if they didn't come in. I will have to stick in annother tweeter in those DBP's.
-does anyone know of annother place with a stock of these units, or does someone have some for sale?
-is there annother tweeter which can be substituted without changes to the crossover or other designs of the speaker (Morel MDT-20?)?


2005-06-12 6:25 am
just started another thread and am having the same issue, there is an alternative, morel makes a tweeter thats pretty much the same but theres a 30$ difference, so its kind of steep. Dayton also happens to make another tweeter just like the silk dome

oh and I would'nt believe the current ETA, this is the 3rd time its been pushed back since I wanted to start my project. Also, as far as I know there is no other supplier of this tweeter, unless you can get it from the manufacturer itself which I think would be really difficult. I saw it listed on amazon, but as usual its out of stock as well.