davis cinema one make it work differant lamp

sorry if this is in the wrong place (first post) I have owned this projetor from new the last lamp only lasted for 11 hours so I am going to try a diy lamp of some sort the first problem is to fool the electronics to run with out the lamp lit

I need some help I could work it out if I could get circuit diagram

I would get it repaired if Davis had not gone bust! it has only done 550 hours total
The right lamp:
you will need 6000-6500k lamp with small arc

if you see only movies and don't use your projector so much you can see in the link the HTI 150 Style (Generic) 6500K 90V/150W GY 9,5 750h the arc is 4-5mm it cost $69.95 (you can use the projector 2h per day and it would last a year) .


you need to know that if you will use this lamp with the same reflector the light will only be 60-70% of the original lamp. (for me it is fine)

In the thread of YWH you can find better lamp but the ballast can work only with 220V.

Do not cut the glass try to remove it without cuting it
This is a UV IR glass
Try to remove the front glass you can use a 0.035mm-0.06mm filler (the one that adjust the valve in the car engine ,you can cut the filler if it's too big) then pull a littel the glass so the filler will get to the gap, move it and cut the RTV.

sorry for my English I speak Hebrew.


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