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I'm looking for an excelent quality midrange driver to fit into a 4 way passive/active setup-

I'm in search of an excelent cone midrange that will be the heart of the system from 300hz or so to 4-5k - I wan't to do it passive between the mid and the tweet, and then active for the other 3 bands. I feel that this is optimal for me because I like my tc2+ but would like to limit them to 70-80hz and below.

After trying a # of decent tweeters I really don't like most domes or ribbons response down to 2k and I want to have alot of headroom. Also I like the idea of one speaker that takes responsibility for the bulk of the musical range (with a tweeter only handleing the top two octives or so)- then the TC2+ handleing the bottum 2 octives and another fast driver with lots of kick handling the 2 octives or so above that (75hz - 300hz).

My primary design goal is to achieve a listening posintion freq response that is slightly recessed in the high end (say 2db/oct) starting at about 1k and I wan't the speakers to be very linear on and off axis so that I will only need to treat room modes to attain linearity at the listening position- These are for studio monitors so any excessive comb filtering or narrow sweet spot stuff is a no go- so I would prefer a 1 driver solution or drivers small enough not to start combing until 5k or so.

So- all the usual suspects make my short list-

Fostex full rangers-
Scan Speak small cone mids-
a pair of css wr125st's-
PHL mids-

Possible smaller pro sound mid like the B&C 8 with a waveguide.

And 3 drivers from davis acoustics peak my interest




Mainly the 2 8"ers because the 5" probably won't reach my power/headroom requirements. But x'd over high enough the 5" might work.

Has anybody used any of these? Primerly the 20 GKLV8 DTF? I would usually be a bit apprihensive about the 8" size compared to some of the smaller options but it seems as thought the off axis resonse is pretty good- Any thoughts?

Also what about those cone tweeters? They look interesting anybody have any experience? Thanks for any input-


Hearing is believing. But there are impedance bumps at 900,1800, and 2700 Hz. There is also a definite FR bump at 900 and possibly also at the higher multiples. Off axis performance diverges sharply at 2kHz. In general, the performance does not look as good to me here as the usual PHLs or PR170M0 recommendation, but I've never heard comments good or bad about the Davis' SQ.

It would be nice to see waterfall or stored energy for this driver.
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