David Bowie is in Göteborg Sweden 2002-09-12

Today I read an add in the morning paper. David Bowie is visting the record store "Bengans" (in Göteborg Sweden) at 17.00. Cool, I thought. Bowie can't be very popular these days I thought, maybe 100 or 200 people are interested. When I came to the "Bengans", a voice inside me was talking to me: "you have only to forget a signed CD!!!!" The que was 100-200 meters long and the police was there!

Have you listened to his BBC special from 2000 (or was it 2001?)? Superb in performance and sound quality and the old man is healthy and looking good.

The BBC CD goes on REPEAT all day long at work. It's so good!
Beware of that this new BBC recording was bundled in a limited edition with old BBC recordings. The old ones was the main album (2 CD's).

Bowie at the Beeb, the best of BBC sessions 68-72 CD 1

Bowie at the Beeb, the best of BBC sessions 68-72 CD2

BBC Radio theatre, London, June 27, 2000 CD3
This CD is "skitbra" or ***** (pick the word yourself) good!

724352862924, (724352863020, 724352863129, 724352895823)