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For Sale Dave Slagle line out/interstage transformers, 80% Ni, silver secondary

Things you have for sale.
This post is to test if there is interest in these transformers, or if they have to go on the shelf. Currently they are still in circuit. If there is interest I will take them out to take pictures. I can also measure them with e.g. a QA403.
1 pair of interstage/line out transformers. 80% nickel cores. 4:1 winding ratio. Gapped for 35mA. Wound to load a triode strapped E55L (Rp 600R). Primary winding copper, secondary silver.
Transformers are located in Germany, I'll ship anywhere.

Please get in touch if there is serious interest, I'll take pictures and post more data.
Slagle Interstage.jpg

Here is a measurement of the transformer in circuit, loading a triode strapped E55L. Secondary load is a 600R LCR. HF rolloff is dominated by the QA403's 192k sample rate.