Datasheet for IRF244?


2001-08-06 11:53 am
IRFP240 or IRF640?

Thank you for all the feedbacks.

With the specs on the datasheet, looks like IRF640 is a great replacement for IRFP240. But why the price of IRFP240 is three to four times as much as IRF640?

IRFP240 is meant for audio and IRF640 is designed for switching PS?

Is there any magic number behind IRFP240 that we don't know?

What do you all think about IRF640?

Thank you again!
Price of IRF244


While I make no claims to know the complete truth ;) , I believe the IRF244 is expensive because it is discontinued AND in demand.

One reason for its Demand is that it is used in the Adcom flagship GFA-5802. Adcom themselves do no have this part and are willing to pay top $$ to buy an inventory... :hot:
The IRF244 is pretty much an IRF240. We
use it instead of the 240 because it has
standard TO-3 pin width, where the 240 in
a "to-3" case is nonstandard.

The to-3's are very difficult to get, but the
IRFP240 plastics work just fine.

Hi!Please can you conferm me that i can replace the irf240 with irf244 without any modification to the circuit in your aleph mini project?
Thanks in advance and congratulations for your mind:)