Databook K-12 power source?

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I just got my first LCD Projection panel, and first problem is that, that I got it without any wires. I have no single idea which kind voltages it would like to receive. Model is Chisholm Databook K-12. If you know anything from it, I would like to know that, I just know that it should include 640x480 panel.

The most weird thing is that power line, it's 100% equal size with old style keyboard connector. I know that some old web cams took their power from keyboard, but this had to eat so much power, that keyboard power output is not enough, right? :xeye:

So, what are voltages and pin orders to this projection panel?

Some pictures from it you can find from here

how was the picture Vfreak?

V freak thanks for your reply, I'm wondering the picture quality
I have been to the link in the Rainbow post, and it shows the databook's pin out is the same is my ASK, which is AT style,(proxima also uses this style power connector)
what i wonder is how's the picture quality using the s video input?, my ask flickers, with all squares using the s video input):bulb:
unable to power this piece up!!

Well i tried both voltages given in the link and panel doesn't power up all the lcds light up and it makes terrible clicking sound through the speaker, so i give up, something's wrong here, if you have this panel please reply, thanks(need correct power voltages from manual, or off the power supply):scratch:
I have the info you need, even for this old thread.

Okay. If anyone out there is having trouble with their Databook panel, I have your solution. If you haven't given up yet.
It is the same as the Chisholm Rainbow Series 20/10 LCD projection panel I just sold on eBay.
My father found me a replacement powersupply with the voltages obtained, from the website that will now take you too. This person has a website dedicated to this panel, and the powersupply he used out of an old computer.
I can't find the right part number, but you can buy a replacement at
If anyone wants two large scanned brochure pages I got about my panel, which is the same as the Databooks, let me know and I'll post it in this thread.

Here are the voltages, as provided from Chisholm/Projector Central:

The power connector is a standard 5 pin DIN with the following pin out: (1=gnd, 4=+12V, 2=gnd, 5=+12V, 3=+5V). When looking at the female 5 pin DIN connector on the side of the Rainbow panel pin 1 is on the left, then pins 4,2,5, and 3. So it makes a smiley face with the pins as 1,4,2,5,3 from left to right.

When testing the panel, don’t forget that there is a photo sensor inside the panel that will only turn the product on if it detects a bright light source from being placed on an overhead projector. None of the LEDs, LCD panel, or fan will turn on without a light source shining through the panel.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.