D'appolito Configuration

A couple of interesting d'Appolito designs.

I havent myself but know of a few designs on the net:

Three designs by dr Joseph D'Appolito himself:
Thor transmission line : http://www.madisound.com/thor.html
Odin vented box : http://www.madisound.com/odin.html
Froy vented box : http://www.seas.no/froy_mk3.htm

I've read and heard a lot of good things about the Odin. D'Appolito claims that the Thor betters Odin in all aspects.

There is also the Ariel speaker which has a huge following and great documentation ( prefers to be driven by tube amps though ):

I have only listened to the Odin speaker. The one I listened to had a cabinet box that was poorly made ( too thin walls etc ) and it sat among 50 other pairs on a large wall, driven by a simple amp through a big switch and cheap cables from a budget CD... So I cant really tell....
but under the circumstance I think it did a great job of reproducing music.

Finally ive found the Proteus project:
But dont know anything about this except whats in the web page.

Hope this helps.