Damaged ribbon tweeter - Pink Triangle Ventrical speakers

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Hi, I'm hoping for some kindly expert advice having recently burnt out one of the ribbon tweeters in my aging but cherished Pink Triangle Ventrical speakers (bad move trying to connect together my pre/power amps whilst powered up).

I've attached a link to some photos and also some information from a 1995 magazine review in the hope that this might provide enough insight for someoene more knowledgable than myself to assist with a possible solution.


Unfortunately, there are no visible markings to identify the spec, manufacturer or part number on the tweeter unit itself.

I am very much a novice as far as DIY, so apologies in advance for any dumb questions. Here they are:

1) I believe this is not a true ribbon. What type have I got?
2) The damage appears to be to the foil track on the front membrane. The part itelf is easily removable. Can this part be replaced or repaired?
3) If not, does anyone know where I might get an identical replacement tweeter unit?
4) If not, any suggestions for a replacement?
5) Am I likely to get problems doing a straight swap for a different spec ribbon tweeter, e.g would I also need to replace the crossover unit? I'm hoping to avoid this.

I note in the review and test results that negative comments are made regarding the crossover-point between the bass/mid unit and the tweeter, and I'm wondering whether this could actually be an upgrade opertunity (e.g. would a tweeter that went below 6KHz give even better results?).

Any help or comments would be hugely appreciated. I love the sound these speakers make, and I'd be deeply disappointed if I have to throw them out.
Talk to Arthur Khoubessrain at Funk Firm turn tables. He was doing Pink Triangle. He should be able to help you out with your tweeter problem.
Funk Firm's e-mail is info@thefunkfirm.co.uk and the UK phone number is 02086972705. I know how hard it is to get parts for old speakers. I had to find ribbon tweeter foil replacements for an old Swedish Ribbon tweeter. I posted pictures of the Ribbon tweeter and was very kindly helped by someone who recognized the tweeters. So if you get no where with Arthur then post some pictures and someone may be able to help.
Thanks for the ponters to Arthur's new company, which I wasn't aware of. It was him who first demo'd the speakers to me, but the only contact details I had were for PT. I will certainly give him a try.
PS. Andy - I thought I had already posted a link to some pictures. Is this not working ?

- Tim
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.