Damaged Mission 717 tweeter

Hi there,

I am new to this forum, so hi everyone!

I left my house about 2 months ago and noticed someone had thrown out a pair of Mission 717's.. they were just lying in the street! So I got them in the house and discovered they had no fuses in them.. so after spending £1.25 in Maplin (for 10 fuses), I had myself a lovely pair of Mission 717's in - almost - perfect working order.

One of the tweeters is damaged/not working. Although I know a little about the theory of how speakers work, I have never tried to fix one before! I realise that it might not be the tweeter but perhaps the crossover.. I have taken the drivers out and had a look inside and there doesn't seem to be any loose connections. So what should I do from here?

Does anyone happen to have a single/pair of 717 tweeters for sale? Any help would be much appreciated!


As far as I can figure out, that is a quite old speaker for mission. The info I found said 1977 was the year.

That means it is likely they were using the either a Peerless or a vifa D19 tweeter.

A photo of the tweeter will show us enough to get it figured out. Back, front and side images are good, with any label information on said tweeter.

Before you get too deep into this, the woofers need to inspected, to check and see of the money spent will be rewarded via having a speaker that has remaining life left.