dam kids and spray paint

lol kinda off topic but kinda funny kids spraypaint half the block
and my building and leaves the paint can with prints all over it.
cops are picking it up for prints. i feel sorry for the guy i hope he has no record:D

and this is just a small peace of it. if my boss thinks im going to remove all of it he can kiss my $#$!@:D

god i hate college kids lol. not really its cool just not for me


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Cal Weldon said:
If only they weren't so restless, they could focus on using their energy in a constructive manner.

If I had seen the kid doing it, I would have smacked him with something heavy and dragged him back to Mommy and Daddy.

You can't hide from the lawyers even in BC!

The real reason probably has to do with the parents. They are the ones who should be smacked. My parents would have smacked the heck out of me if I did sometning like this.


2005-08-22 5:59 pm
Cal Weldon said:
I'm a vigilante

Cal The best way is when you catch the kids crab their spay can and spray their designer clothes .I think they will learn their lesson ,just "TAG " them and do a Citizen arrest Im sure police could charged them for other paint job.As for you just say you grasp the can in self defence and it accidently went off.Pat.P


2004-09-24 10:42 pm
They have a unique way of dealing with that here. The police catalog all the graffiti before it's removed/painted over. They also keep track of cleanup costs.

Since the majority of it is essentially a signature they know who did what.

Then when they finally catch them, they bill the parents for all the prior cleanups.

We don't have very much grafitti . :D