Dallas II. Looking for full range. Some questions.

I've been thinking about building my first speakers for a while, it's time to start ... some questions arise.

The ones that I think best fit my musical and acoustics preferences are the full range and on these I have focused my attention.

My listening room is relatively small 4.60 x 3.50 meters which gives an area of ​​16 m2 (64 ft2) which by 2.60m high is 42 m3 (1,480 ft3).

The first question, could the Dallas II work in this room volume?

If yes, second question. Would this small modification of the front affect the response of the whole?

(See attached documents)

I have drawn the speaker to visualize it and be clear about the construction steps, with no intention of altering the original design in its acoustic performance, I propose a small modification, exclusively to increase the WAF factor, I have tilted with the same angle (9.7 °) and at the same distance as the lower vertical plane of the mouth, the upper part of the box, internally there is no modification with this small change I think the box visually has a more organic, less violent appearance for a small environment.

I insist I do not intend at all to change the acoustic essence of the box and I do not know if this modification can alter it.

Thank you for your reading.

Un saludo


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Not massively, so you should be fine. Room size is OK, providing you're at least 2m from the speakers.

The 2m I have, first condition that is met, come on!

What amp do you have for these?


I have some pieces from my collection, a 6P14 5W valve, a Musical Fidelity A200 (60W Class A) or a Densen Beat B100 (60W AB) among others, some pieces from NAD, Cambridge Audio, Rotel ... I hope any of these make a good couple


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