Dalesford speakers?

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Recently I got a pair of old UK made Swallow monitors. Internet doesn't know a thing about this company.
Design is 4 way: Dalesford D50/200 (8")in closed box, Dalesford D153(5.25"), Audax 34mm mid'high silk dome tweeter, and 19mm Audax supertweeter. Anyway, I'm not a fan of multi way speakers, I got them as a trade for some piece of hardware which was of no use for me. I initially thought of rebuilding a two new pair of boxes. I don't see a need for a 13 cm unit in between 20cm bass and 34mm tweet, which is anyway cut somewhere low,judging by my ear. I did some search on net, nad found out something:
-this bass driver was apparently used in BBC Export monitor made by Rogers
-probably the same driver was used in IMF model M transmission line, judging by its look, also it could have been used in IMF compact monitor 3
-Audax 34mm unit was used in BBC LS5/9, most probably, mine doesnt have a protection grille on it, but looks the same, has the identical faceplate and was manufactured in same period, so i'm assuming it is the same unit
-supertweeters ain't working anyway,one is replaced with some conrad cone tweet which is working,I'm unable to find supertweet with same cutout diameter and this 34mm Audax is going fairly high, round 16kHz, my estimation, so I don't feel a need for supertweeter
-Dalesford D153 looks very simmilar to KEF B110, it uses simmilar, or maybe the same Bextrene material, this feels like some sort of plastic, polymer, I'm not sure
Question is: does anyone know anything about this drivers?
I was thinking of making a 2 way with Dalesford bass and this midhigh Audax unit. I was hoping that someone could have original schematics of BBC Export Monitor, IMF model M, or/and BBC LS 5/9, to do some sort of clone,or at least to see their ideas of using this drivers.
I thought of using D153 in a closed box plus some tweeter as a small monitor
I will try to put photos on a net, I don't have a camera but I'll borrow one
Thanks in advance
Dalesford drivers

I built a pair of DIY transmission line speakers based on plans supplied by WILMSLOW audio here in the UK - I still have them. 10 inch bass 5 inch (B110 look alike) and ferrofluid 1 inch tweeter - I think it even used KEF crossovers

I used to have the plans and original catalogues from Wilmslow Audio - can't find them at the moment - will keep looking...

As far as I remember DALESFORD may have undertaken production work for KEF and as a result produced their own drivers of very similar spec - they went out of business quite a while ago and there seems to be little info on them

STOP PRESS - I have found the wilmslow audio catalogue and it has a two page spread of dalesford drivers I can scan them in and send you a copy if you give me an e-mail address

all the best
mike t
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