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For Sale DACT CT2 10K and CT101 preamp

Things you have for sale.
Purchased this preamp from DACT 6-7 years ago for a project that never started. Just found it at the bottom of my drawer and would like to sell it to those who wants to try.

The board has never been used, never put electric on but soldered on the CT2 only. Therefore, it is in perfect new condition.

$300 including CT101, CT2 10K and USPS postage within the lower 48 States.

What you see is what you get. I can't find the power supply wires.

PS - I have two CT-102 regulated power supply but I am still finding the switching power supply units that comes with them. They will be put on for sale as soon as I found the switching power supply units.

CT101-1.jpg CT101-2.jpg CT101-3.jpg
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