DAC7 extremly hot


2015-09-11 9:38 pm
I need help
I have DAC7 dual WM8741 WM8805 ver 1.1 .
dac is extremely heated , refrigerators are extremely hot, especially when the dac is in the case. :eek:
Is anyone able to solve the problem of heating power ?
What operational amplifiers are the best choice ?
now I have opa0627 2x and 1x TL072
dac power supplyi s 9v + -14V


2004-10-04 11:59 pm
I believe that those boards used a resistor to bias the op amps into class a. The problem is that the values are way too much. That will contribute to excess heat, especially in a closed case.
I would check that out before lowering the voltage, what is there for voltage now will be in line with what most op amps are made to work with, at least the ones you have.
The regulators do run warm also, and I wouldn't want that in a small, sealed case like that.