I accidentally analyzed the DAC-X6 of the audio FX, and I realized that its original power was to be thrown away in the toilet.
I bought an IRM 10-12 from digikey and almost nothing has changed, madly I wanted to try with the classic power supply consisting of transformer, bridge, electrolytic 470uF and things have changed not for the better but I would say that FX- X6 is reborn, needless to say, now it sounds with a power supply made with LDO.
what I ask is to know what can be done to eliminate the defects from the 10-12 Irm and also what is the best integrated to use to create 12Volt DC without harmonics.
as usual I ask you to help me.
I attach the photos of the spectrum of Irm 10-12 and also that of the bridge + 470UF.
however it seems to me that others have had the same problem, so how did you solve it?
my advice is just throw the original power supply out of the window.
Hello to all


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