DAC variables


2010-09-07 5:39 pm
Hi everyone...

First time poster, hope I'm posting in the right section! I'm a biosignal engineer specializing in acquisition, processing, transforms, and electronics of electrocardiography. And I recently realized that my laptop's sound card just wasn't cuttin' it. I'm learning the DIY USB-based DAC circuitry and am fitting it into a test box with several potentiometers (dial knobs). I understand that electronics invariably degrade over time, and getting the right sound may be a matter of continuous and vigilant tuning. Plus it's unlikely that I can make a one-size-fits-all solution for my current and future sound systems.

My newbie question: if one were to have say 4 knobs to make personalized adjustments in the entire DAC process, which would they be?

The only one I can think of from gut feeling is output impedance-matching knob for different kinds of wires/speakers to which the DAC would be connected...