dac chip swap

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Yes but I would like to route the I2S signals from the player to a complete DAC-board. So I skip eveything after stealing the I2S.
That would be great if this should work. I can use the drive/interface/software from the player and output via a superior (external) DAC. (if the inputs of the CS4.. and ES9.. are compatible)
A DV7001 can play SACD (even SACD-R!!)
Is it possible to change dac chip in say a Marantz dv7001 (cs4398) with a es9018?

I humbly suggest that this is a bad idea. The comptibility issues range far beyond simply the I2S interface. If you know exactly what you are doing technically, you might be able to subjectively improve some of the CS4398 based sound, or you might not. However, if you do not know exactly what you are doing technically, and you desire a different sound, you would be much better served by selling your DV7001 for some different model unit entirely.


I just saw your second posting after submitting mine above. I hadn't realized that you only intended to utilize the Marantz unit as transport feeding an entirely new and separate DAC board. I've done exactly that myself before, utilizing a Marantz CD63SE as transport, connected via I2S, to a AD1865 based DAC board (2.5" x 3") of my own design that I mounted within the CD63SE case. The AD1865 board utilized the CD63SE's +/- 12VDC power supplies, but then had it's own lower volatge D.C. local regulators in cascade.
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Yes that is what I mean Ken:)

But I do not understand one thing about the cs4398 in the DV7001;
The DV7001 can play SACD in DSD but the DSD-inputs of the CS are not used; they are on ground.
How can it play DSD then??? It does not convert to PCM, it is a native DSD machine.


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Question Ken how do you connect I2S to AD1865 ? If Im not mistaken it takes Esij input.


It's been over ten years since I designed and built that board, so some of the implementation details I would have look up. However, the basics are as follows:

I designed the AD1865 DAC board to include an AD1896 ASRC chip, which itself features pin programmable digital audio input and output ports. The I2S signal from the CD63 was received at the AD1896's input port, upsampled, then forwarded to the AD1865 in 18-bit, justified format via the outport port. The board did not take on the complex step of buffered demultiplexing of the data stream in to L and R channels. Instead, it simply accepted the constant one upsample period time delay between channels, which is a linear phase shift.
Is it possible to change dac chip in say a Marantz dv7001 (cs4398) with a es9018?
Lets say I disconnect the I2S lines and go to a Buffalo dac print.
Would such a thing be possible?

The challenge will be to have matched impedance and insulation of the 3 lines with the shortest length as possible between the 2 pcbs. It is hearable !

There are very thin coax 50 ohms impedance wires for instance. each line may be insulated with a soldering of the gnd near each of the 3 signal traces on both pcb sides.

But if it's your main system, with an ES9018 board you will have a better result because of that with a sota layout, e.g. an USB board with uf-l plugs at the output and uf-l plug on the ES9018 (or any chip) board. Connection is made by the shortest uf-l cable you may find (4" length most of the time).

You will have as well a far better sonic result as a CD driver is a jittery device ! But price to play is to rip your collection for dematerialisation... We all jumped into this solution not only for dematerialisation fame but because the sound is better. The less jittery being a nano board with I2S plugs (even less jitter than the best SD card player boards),for instance Odroid C1+ or any with I2S output with a matched impedance output plug.

From there it's easy to have low noise power supply to improve further the sound of your front end. You may find it is as important on the sonic result than the choice of the dac chip...which can not by itself reduce all the jitter and noise issues :D


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