My buddy and I tried his MUSE DAC on a typ. FIOS STB (Motorola) - all it did was "click" like a fan noise hitting something. The same noise with optical/digital RCA cables. (tried two STBs boxes with same results) I called FIOS support and tech said they do not guarantee that every component out-there will work their equipment.

The DAC is fine, works fine with other sources.

The FIOS box is fine, work with a 7.1 HT processor.

Any ideas? - does anyone have a DAC working with a FIOS STB?

Motorola QIP6416 DVR Fios TV Box Manual

* I never thought that 2 channel stereo sounds very good on the HT processor.
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Thanks - that was my first thought also. We went in the menu and switched to "stereo" on both of the Set Top Boxes.
The muse has a unlock light, which was off (meaning it thought it had a good signal).

Now using the rca analog out (FIOS box); right up to the stereo pre-amp which works nicely; we were hoping to up-grade a bit. It would be great if it would work :-/

*Looked for every setting we could find, also called tech support.....nada