DAC advise

Morning gents,

I've just finished the build of the Wolverine amp (solid state) and I'm looking ofr a new project. I'm currently running a Dietpi with BubblePNP (dlna) and Qubuz which feeds my standalone S.M.S.L. Sanskrit Model 3, 10-th edition using the USB input. This DAC directly feeds into the Wolverine. The Wolverine drives to (ancient) KEF Reference Model 3's .The only control I have is the volume on the DAC.
My questions are these:
  • Is it worth building your own DAC from a sound quality perspective?
  • Are there diy DAC's worth building?
  • Any suggestion on digital controls? DSP?
thx in advance

sound quality? (I mean listening quality, not measurements on the scope) - yes ...
diy to worth building - yes, many (AD1862, AD1865, TDA1540, PCM63, PCM1702) ... long threads, but in my threads are many of them covered, you can easily find on this forum
... there are many other threads ...