D.A.S Amplifiers


2016-02-04 3:20 pm
Hi there.
im new to this site and i just love oldschool power amps, i just bought 3 D.A.S amps the models p-600 p-900 and the p-1800, my pla is to restore them back to mint condition with minor alterations, the p-900 is almost finished, updated with a better soft start , 100v 47000uf caps and pwm controlled fans, the cabinet got stripped down and went to car painter, nice black shiny cabinet, the three amps all done will look great in my home setup, will post pics if anyone are interested.
So the reason for this post is that i havent been able to find any schematics for the amps, so i was wondering if any of you guys have them.
as mentioned, im newbie here, hope i wrote my request in the right place