Cyrus Two - Faulty Speaker Channel


2008-01-30 10:24 pm
Hi guys - 1st time poster here....

I recently dug out some old Mission speakers from my garage, dusted them off and picked up a Cyrus two amp on eBay.

However, when the amp arrived it was clear the Royal Mail had bounced it up north as the on/off switch was hanging off. I managed to fix it up with a bit of superglue and eventually fired it up - only to discover that the left speaker channel isn't working properly!

I've checked the obvious (used other inputs/speakers etc) and taken the case off to see if anything has blown. I can't see any internal damage - not that I'm very technically minded but I have checked a number of other threads on this forum and seen some pictures etc of blown amps.

The left speaker channel emits music at a very low level independant of the volume setting and the balance control has no impact at all. I'm presuming that the 'impact' damage caused in the mail may have caused more serious issues than I initially thought!

Anyone any ideas of anything else I can check / anything I've missed?

Any help much appreciated...