Cyrus III intergrated amplifier


2008-03-27 10:14 am
Hi there,

I'm a new user of this Diy audio site and I hav just purchased a second hand Cyrus 3 which does is self test and then blinks red when I switch it on. I think it has been upgraded to be used with a PSX-R power supply. Does anyone know how easy is it to down grade just so that it can be used as normal cyrus 3 intergrated amplifier ???

Can anyone help me !!!??



2009-01-26 1:55 am
Cyrus III & Cyrus 7 modifications for use with a PSX-R

The Cyrus III is a very fine sounding amp. The word luscious comes to mind. It has been internally modified to work with a PSX-R power supply. I also have a Cyrus 7 amp which works as a stand-alone unit but am considering using it with the PSX-R instead, as I only have one of these. My call for help is, how do I modify a Cyrus 7 to use with a PSX-R? and how do I 'un-modify' the Cyrus III to work as a stand-alone unit? Many thanks.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
See my additional comments in tiefbassuebertr's thread. He's posted in every single Cyrus thread I can think of.

These amplifiers are not DIY friendly, they use surface mount components. Cyrus no longer releases service manuals due to the destruction caused by outside service shops.

The only thing that anyone should be doing is changing the connections for PSX-R use or checking the fuses. A light blow - replace them. If a large amount of glass has silvered or blackened, it's a high energy fault. In these cases, do not replace the fuses. You'll only make the damage worse.