Cyrus cls50 speaker driver /tweeter upgrade

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Hi all

Brand new to speaker building so I thought I should join here to seek advice.

I'm running cyrus cls 50 speakers and wondered if I can buy woofer and tweeter drivers that are better than those fitted?

Tweeter is Vifa dx25tg-05, 4 ohm

woofer vifa tc 14wg48 as can bes seen here
CLS 50 - Loudspeakers

I have no experience at all with this subject and thought of upgrading within the speaker cabinet that I have.

Details of the cross-over are on the Cyrus link too.

Any advice for mods to this speaker would be gratefully received and some places to search for and buy parts in UK please.

Cable connecting crossover to drive unit surely this can be upgraded? Any suggestions.



All Myryad system Myryad MC100 cd MP pre amp 2 x ma 120 power bi wired.

The very short answer is you cannot cost effectively upgrade them,
though many would be happy to take the complete set of drivers
and c/o's off your hands for homemade similar boxes, you'd be left
with empty boxes and not much idea what to fit, even if you
had some idea, likely new boxes would also improve matters.

Careful choice of used speakers is the way to go, I've seen
small Spendors go for £200, with £130 worth of matched
Scanspeak tweeters (new) fitted, and thats before you've
even started on the bespoke bass/mids, proper crosovers
and real wood veneer cabinets, terminals, grilles, ports etc...

rgds, sreten.

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Many Thanks

Thanks Sretan

I must say I do fancy having a go at building my own units! Where to begin? I always find it difficult to guage price bracket for new hifi components. For example, my cd player rrp is around a thousand and 6 or 7 for the pre and power amps. Cyrus speakers should be 500. So with what I have should I look at the £500 range of speaker or go higher?

Is the DIY route as costly and could you recommend a design recipe equating to or better than my cyrus?

Many thanks for your encouragement


A high value simple design is the best way to start and learn the ropes,
say a pair of Metronomes for a MP3 player and small amplifier. For simply
getting very good speakers for expensive hifi, the used market is a far
better idea, do research on older models, e.g. Rogers Studios or LS7's,
but they may be too big, but for hifi they work without a subwoofer.

For a well researched good used buy (just loads of possible models),
bargains can be found, but anything used that was rated bought at
a good price can be moved on losing little if they do not really suit.

rgds, sreten.
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