Cyrus 3i Modification to use PSX-R

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3i with psx-r

i recently bought a cyrus 2 with psx and wanted to hear the difference without psx, i was told that there are a pair of fuses that cyrus remove to alow the use of the psx - in my case i would have to re-fit them (cant be bothered).
i would imagine that you would have to lift the lid and remove these fuses that surply the output stage.
As i havent lifted the lid of my 2 and never seen the inside of a 3i im realy only hazzarding a guess
some1 on here knows f'sure.
am trying to find some very relaxed speakers for mine as the 2 + psx playing through my main system gives me tinitus!!!!
Got it sorted

Figured this one out myself with the help of some info from another site. Its working now and sounding good.

Siggy not to sure about the speakers but previously had a set of Chario Syntar 100's which give a nice smooth sound with good bass & clarity.

I've now got a set of KEF IQ90's that's why i needed more ooomph!!!
Hi Mate

I'm not trying to be patronising or funny here I'll just put it in plain English as it is a simple modification.

Take the amp out of your system and turn it upside down with the front panel facing you.

Take off the base plate and look inside, the circut board should be closest to you and the (Torodial) big round thing furthest away

Between the circut board and the round thing there should be four spade conectors coloured form left to right

Red Yellow Grey Blue

The extrem left and the extrem right need swapped over to give you

Blue Yellow Grey Red

To make sure there have been no **** ups in my post put the base plate back on and connect the amp to the mains and nothing else turn it on and check that the green light comes on and stays on as normal anything else you will need to check the fault list in the manual

I've written this from memory so hopefully it will work.

I tried three different combinations before I got the correct one, I used the modificationinformation for the Cyrus 3 (not3i) the flashing power light and the manual to help me workout which was correct.

The manual can be downloaded form the Cyrus website.

Hope this is of use

The correct way to convert the Cyrus 3i to work with a PSX-R is by swapping Red with Yellow and Grey with Blue using the 4 spade conectors. Connect only the AMP and PSX-R to the mains and this will confirm they are both connected correctly, both have solid green lighs. ;)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.