cyrus 2 speaker cables


2008-06-17 11:58 pm
ive been offered a Cyrus 2 + psx for silly money. mint in boxes (so it seems)....
I normaly use either 1.75 or 2.5 mm dia solid copper, twin and earth domestic house wireing wire with the earth removed in single or double runs.....
Or a home made 4way plait using the above size conductors where all conductor crossings are 'at 90 degrees'.......
and some monster cable.:yuck:
So, are there any cables that need avoiding regards stability of the output stage? (once had a nad 3020 that cooked its self with the 4way plait), wouldnt want to fry a potentialy nice amp.


2004-09-13 4:06 am
The 'twin and earth' domestic supply solid core approximates the construction of solid core cable mission put out around the time of the Cyrus, and works very well as speaker cable. However, I have found the smaller version (around 1mm dia wire) to sound heaps better when driving full range.

If you are not interested in power, the Cyrus 1 sounds better than the Cyrus 2 and Cyrus 2+PSX.


2008-06-17 11:58 pm
hooked up.........

well, its installed and been left to warm through overnight, gone for single runs of twin and earth.......
now to see if i can live with the 'turbo-charged' sound.......if i cant i might go re-visit Gainclones, me moms got the one i made in '97 and it still sounds good concidering it low cost.
And i looked in my 'book of cables' and the NAD was fried on a Kimber '4 way loose plait' copy made using stranded wire, though my Meridian 105's loved the NAD as a front end and equaly the 'killer wire'.
anyways, thanks for the replies