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2004-12-01 6:46 pm
Next door
Hi John,
As far I know, EW completely disappeared two years ago. For years, EW had some audio articles, and most of them were very innovative. I think the first I bought was in 1978 and it contained two articles whose authors were no less than Peter Baxandal ( a part of his now famous series about amplifier design) and Siegfried Linkwitz (his first audio system with active LR 24 dB crossovers and transforms).
The beginning of the end :

A very sad story.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
I to use to subscribe to EW, it was a mine of useful information over the years. As you all say went downhill rapidly, so much so that I did'nt renew subscription about 3 years ago. I used to renew on a 5 yr basis but thought at the time the way this is going it won't be around much longer. Has the magazine totally finished now I wonder. I miss reading the articles by Cyril Bateman /Self/Duncan and all.
Cyril Bateman

The generous mr. Bateman also put up his articles , published and some till now unpublished for all to download and read- a great many insights based on knowledge and 1000´s of measurements on capacitors, cables etc
disspelling many a myth and providing practical advice for diy´ers and pro´s alike.
If you read his stuff thoroughly, you´ll know more than many audio Guru´s !

It´s a shame if we all keep fumbling in the dark while the voodoo snakeoil capacitors and sinister cable salesmen ply their trade

At a very reasonable cost , He even sells the pcb´s and article CD for repeating his hardware designs in 1ppm thd oscillators and filters, for use in many high definition measurements
using a PC soundcard and Fft software (like the
For measuring instantaneous thd changes while capacitors charge he made a 2&3rd harmonic realtime analyser,
and a Tdfd IMD analyser both I have not seen elsewhere-

I am genuinely impressed!
Great that Mr. Bateman put the papers up on the web.

I dont know if EW is dead, but the editorial/managerial staff was making a Homeric effort to kill it.

They lost their readers. The people that complain here are not enough to run a full fledged magazine. Svetlana was brought in to save it from going under and that's what she did: she turned it around but changed it into an EDN type of industry publication. No more authors to pay, but industry designers writing in their employer's time and actually paying for advertising.

The sad thing is that diy people happily pay $ 50 for a boutique cap but not $ 10 for a magazine where they would actually learn something. The money is in the rip-offs and not in the education these days.

Edit: EW is of course still being published

jan didden


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2003-08-03 11:43 am
But sadly the Geocities site for Cyril's Bateman's articles, designs and software is gone, apparently.
Several forum members, including D. Self have since tried to contact him.
Any news, even perhaps not so good. could be worth posting here.

My last contact with him was mid-December. I'll try to raise him.

jan didden

Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Nice hunting there, Tony. The last time I searched I found a ref. only to the 1998 article and various posts on another UK forum about making personal contact.

The 2003 updates include the building of an absolutely amazing distortion meter to
measure very small effects. Full details and CD were available for the project.

Really, Jan. That's very encouraging news, I hope Doug Self was aware and followed up.
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2003-08-03 11:43 am
The trick was searching for the document name capsound6.pdf which was in one of the dead links to the geocities site (posted on another forum which turned up when I googled initially).

I have tracked stuff down using that strategy before.. searching on the author turns up nothing, but if you know what the document was called there is a reasonable chance it will turn up somewhere ;)

thanks for the link-
Cyril Bateman ( note the spelling) wrote this to stop the voodoo about capacitors.
here are the complete series available as scanned PDF´s:

I suggest to download and keep for future reference, just in case.

This is a MUST READ for those who wish to really know about capacitors in audio circuits.
Best, analogbuff
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