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Custom Mounting Collar for Jelco Tone-Arms

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For all DIY Audio members who have not come across this collar before it is designed and made in the UK and is especially made for the Jelco range of tone-arms to correctly set them up. Details below.


Available for global shipping on my website here.

This is the improved design of mounting collar for popular Jelco tonearms. The mounting hole and bolt spacing are exactly the same as the standard Jelco collar, so it is a direct drop-in replacement for the original Jelco mounting collar.

Features and Compatibility:

Precisely CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium alloy, fine bead blasted and anodised to a high standard of finish.
Available in bright natural alloy or black anodised finishes (please specify the finish required when ordering)
Compatible with standard Jelco collar mounting templates
Fits all Jelco tonearms with 18mm diameter pillars, including Audioquest, Sumiko and LAD variants and derivatives
Slightly taller than the standard collar, and longer underneath for much better support of the arm pillar.
Fitted with a large stainless steel M6 grub screw, with optional nylon stub to protect the arm pillar.
Secures the arm pillar truly upright, gently but firmly, eliminating the 'rocking' that affects the standard Jelco collar.
Supplied with M4 stainless steel fixing bolts (25mm long) with nuts and washers and hex key for arm height adjustment


Have you ever tried to set the azimuth of a Jelco tonearm correctly? Just when you think you've got it sorted, it's off again! That's because the standard collar, while beautifully machined, provides very poor vertical support of the arm pillar; and the tiny set screw typically pushes the top part of the arm to one side, guaranteeing that the arm will not be properly set up. The azimuth actually varies as the arm traverses the record, which matters a great deal with modern cartridges and stylus profiles. The custom collar gets around that problem by ensuring that the arm pillar will always be secured properly vertical, so setup becomes easy and repeatable.
Correct and consistent setup means better sound reproduction
Easy to fit, adjust and keep clean
There are already many happy users of these custom collar across the world

Application Notes:

The custom collar is 5mm taller than the Jelco original. Where there is less than 5mm clearance between the top of the standard Jelco collar and the base of the arm rest plate as currentky fitted, it may not be possible to set the arm low enough with the custom collar, to achieve correct VTA without recourse to a thicker platter mat or headshell spacers. It is possible to use thin metal shims between the cartridge and headshell to 'jack up' the rear of the cartridge, thereby achieving the correct VTA without using different mats or spacers.
Users of the Sound Supports Jelco armboard for the Technics SL-1200/1210 will need to enlarge the upper plate opening by 1mm all round, to accommodate the custom collar.

MCRU currently have the Jelco SA-750D arm on special offer so please visit the website for details.

The arm is £385 and the collar is £45, if collar is purchased with an arm it is £40
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This is the Ammonite collar which has gone under several improvements, a spacer ring is now available. The machining and finishing are superb and if you own a Jelco arm it is a must have.

Jelco made arms for several manufacturers and I believe this collar will work with the Sumiko and some Audio Technical arms, and there are lot more out there. A list of arms that work with this collar would be useful.


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