Custom coax SPDIF cable - connection question

Hey all. Hope this is the right place to post.. :D

I'm in a situation where I have a built-in 50-foot coax SPDIF cable that needs a termination on one end changed (meaning I cannot buy a custom cable because physically replacing the wire is not cost-effective). The end needing a change is to be connected to the digital XLR (AES/EBU) output of an RME MADIface XT audio interface. In the manual they specify how this can be done (see B&W image), by soldering pin 2 to the core of the cable and pin 3 to the shield, and leaving pin 1 disconnected.

My questions, being a total newb, are:

1) Is it important that the lengths of wire between the XLR solder point and the point where wire stripping ends be as short as possible? Any recommended length?

2) Are there any XLR connectors that would be better suited for digital signal over others?

3) Maybe it's overkill, but is there a solder type recommendation for digital audio? Some better than others?

And any other tips you want to throw my way. I literally have never soldered before so this is allllll new.

Thanks :)


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