Custom 3way front BMW E39


2006-12-18 12:44 am
I have a E39 touring in which i plan to upgrade the sound. As of now, i have a focal 5 1/4" kit in the cars stock location. Its ok, but i want something better, and i have an idea.

I never use the sidevents that are in the door. And i noticed that if i modify the vents it should fit a Tangband 2x3" size speaker. That should work great as a mid, really close to the tweeter in the stock location.
Im thinking the W23-1287SI.

And while i was looking at partsexpress, i went looking for some tweeters and found some Dayton AMTs made for vehicles. Decent price, so why not?
(Dayton Audio AMTPOD-4)

And for the midbass i want to use the Anarchy woofer. I thought about the Dayton RS180, but the step up in price to the Anarchy woofer aint that big.
I will modify the front pocket(fiberglass), so the midwoofer will get a proper box with plenty of volume.

For XO im thinking passive between the mid and tweeter and active between the mid and midwoofer. Most 4 channel amplifiers will accomodate this.
I also have 2 12" jbl subwoofers in the spare wheel well.