Currently listening to a10p pensils but I want more bass. Build fhxl or FAST?

Has anybody used the a10p in both pensils and frugal horn? Or used it with a sub? I'm not really sure what to change. I've been happy with my pensils, but I'm borrowing a pair of Klipsch heresey and they are reminding me what bass should sound like.

In general, I'm not a big fan of subwoofers, but if you're happy with the 10P and only want more low bass then adding one would be your simplest solution. The key is getting the settings right, which can be a PITA, but when done right it will add to the sound without bringing attention to itself. However, you lose simplicity in your setup, if that matters.
I’m not a un-fan of bass augmentation done right, but would suggest that at least two of the major factors in the calculus to arrive at easy and transparency with which that can be implemented are:
Freedom of size and placement of LF enclosures in most effective locations - might not much smaller than a side table, and not necessarily co-located for best results;

Are both sides of the crossover point to be band-passed, or just the woofers?
There’s tons of much more eloquent and technically detailed explanations/ majik unicorn theories as to why it could happen, but I’ve always tended to prefer when both are.

The room has perhaps as much to do as the drivers themselves with what might be the best XO /EQ parameters for any particular case, but thanks to the embarrassment of riches in terms of DSP room/system measuring and correcting EQ available from the entry level of home surround system receivers to gear costing as much as your Platinum card can cover, a lot of that can be done for you in a matter of minutes, and revised as often as needs/whims dictate.

I think the last time I tinkered with my 7.1 system after tidying up interconnects and moving the woofers around a bit & rewiring them, the entire process of Audyssey XT32 took all of 10 minutes. Changed channel levels a bit, but stuck for now with HP to the front L&R (A10.3/Pensils) @ 80Hz, center (A10.3 in Planet10 design), and surrounds at 120Hz. The woofers are nothing particularly exotic or expensive, but are cut from a cloth that allows them blend quite nicely with the mains, and doing just enough of the heaviest lifting to permit moderate SPLs (lower 90s dB) in 320sq ft room to be impactful with melting any voice coils or shaking any of the family photos off the back wall.

A pair of good actively XO’d/powered 8-10” woofers (not Effect Generator “subs”) XO’d anywhere between 80-120hz would be a good place to start.
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I have a set of FHXL's with A10PeN drivers, set up in my living room. They sound very good with simple music: Piano, girl and guitar type stuff. They fell a bit short with Synthesized Bass rich music. I bought a pair of 100W powered 8 inch down firing woofers. I hooked them up via the high level input, tuned them to about 80hz and I am real happy with the added warmth and fullness they provide. This is for 2 channel audio only, no real deep bass here.

As Chris indicates they are not going to shake the windows to much but they do make me sit down and listen to the love coming out of the speakers. Finding the right frequency to set them at was easy and they blend in wonderfully. The cabinets are small and fit in well in the room. A cheap addition.

I hope this helps


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2011-02-04 11:35 am
Yes, have tried adjusting the amount and quality of stuffing in a Pensil box, and have found that the adjustment helps "tune" the bass. If you have too much, or too less, the bass will not sound right. If I am not wrong Scott designed the Pensils so that DIYers could tune the bass according to preference, amplifier used, and room.
One more point. The Klipsch has a 12" woofer and its way more efficient, so the side by side is going to go to the Heresy due to impact and dynamics (imo). I really think that if all you want is more bass then do the sub(s). If it was the other way around and you were unsatisfied with the mids-highs, then its a whole different story.
Has anybody used the a10p in both pensils and frugal horn? Or used it with a sub? I'm not really sure what to change. I've been happy with my pensils, but I'm borrowing a pair of Klipsch heresey and they are reminding me what bass should sound like.

I have had Heresy’s in my room. The bass is what i would call bad.

If you want more bass from the Pensils remove some damping, and play w room placement.

The FHXL will go a bit lower, extracting the maximum.

The much smaller cone of the A10p will not move as much air as a much larger bass driver, but how low they go depends on many other things.

Certainly adding dedicated bass support allows for lower, gretare magnitude bass (at the expense of $$, complexity, and need for more room)

Here is an alternative for augmenting the bass of the Alpair 10P: Halcyon

I have just delivered a set of A10PeN for a set of those. I have this document to add to the pot. A digram for wiring the speaker to remove the passive and try active. Key to the success of this speaker is how well the XO works i suspect. (note: the designer said that connection for bi-amp could not be done??)




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Really, all you need is to add a simple 10in powered HT style sub with its own crossover and adjustable frequency and amplitude and you will get the rich full bass you are missing. Only $130 and done. Even returnable if you don't like it. It makes ANY fullrange speaker better. Super low hassle and amazing sound improvement.

I have two of these in two different rooms with the my 10F/RS225 FAST and love it. Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value | Easy integration Home Theater Systems: Home Audio & Theater