current feedback pre-amp

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It's my first post here at it's a great forum!!!!:D

I'm using this schematic as a line preamp
(note that the inverting input is wrong in the schematic)

But i have one problem: when i put the volume pot to zero(47kohm alps blue series) the dc output offset is about 0.2v
but whem i put in normal listening position the offset is about 20mv

This means that i cannot put the volume pot to zero. i had luck because my amplifier has dc protection(elektor project using using: ssm 2210,2220,bd911 and bd912. i dont know the name of the peoject in english).

What can i do to correct this?

(sorry about my bad english):rolleyes:

Have you check to see if it is oscillating? Also, how much matching did you do for the input devices (HFE and VBE at operating point)?

As I look at this again, it looks like something is missing in your circuit. How do you set the gain? Are you missing a resistor from the emitter junctions of the second set of devices back to the output?

feedback resistors

thanks for the reply:

in that schematic the feedback resistors are missing. i use one 680ohm resistor from the output to the inverting input and 100ohm resistor from the inverting input to ground.i also use a 22pf capacitor in paralel with the 680ohm resistor for bandwith limiting, and i made 100ohm positive rail resistor ajustable so that i can adjust de output offset.

i used this values because i add them at anithing wrong whit them?

i also use a cascode single ended folower for output stage in the feedback loop.

i cant see if it's oscillating because i dont have access to a lab and i dont have an osciloscope.
i only matched the transistors for hfe whit a multimeter.

(apart from this problem the sound is fantastic!!)


You can control dc offset by capacitor coupling the input, before the volume control. The other method is using a dc servo.
The last method I can recomend is to use a design that has j-fets in the input.


P.S. see attachment for an example of a fet input amplifier.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.