Current dumping Maxwell bridge

I don't know why, why the Maxwell bridge can eliminate the problem of crossover distortion.

Also, I measured that the current of Z3 is much higher than that of Z4, but normally, Z4 should be greater than Z3.

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That doesn't make sense. The units of C*L are not the same as the units of Z1*Z3 which are R*R. It should be L/C = R*R, or L=RRC. Where did you get this from? It seems to me you should be considering Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4. C1 is just part of a shunt Zobel network, and L1 is just a series inductance to the load, both being present for stability reasons. Neither is part of any bridge.
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i dont understand what you are asking the unit is an ic amp up to about0.6 amps then switches on the output transistors nothing new here
There's a lot new here, in the sense that the bridge components are calculated such that the output stage distortion is eliminated.
QUAD current dumping concept.



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