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Curcio Audio CD-12V TUBE + TDA1541 DAC modules - RARE!

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Hi All,

I have for sale my beloved Curcio Audio CD-12V TUBE + TDA1541 DAC modules.
This is perhaps one of the ultimate DAC kits being based on the legendary TDA1541 with all tube output. (Uses 12AT7 / ECC81 / CV4024 valves/tubes)

Link to Curcio Audio's page for the CD-12V:


I built this one with Holco resistors, better op-amps (used in the voltage regulators) than the usual LF4xx specified as standard.
I also used Auricaps and Elna Cerafine / Panasonic ED caps for better performance.
It's sonic signature is big, warm, powerful and with very good detail.
I once compared it to a Sony DAS-R1 and the Curcio easily won as the better DAC. The CD-12V is a very good sounding DAC indeed. It's very analogue sounding. I tested it again today before offering - it sounds great.

I will miss it.

Note:! I didn't use the Curcio PSU PCB, so that is supplied blank for the buyer to build themselves. (No components are supplied with the PSU board)

To be clear, I offer it as two fully built and 100% tested modules + the blank power PCB board. (E.g. no case is included.)
Thus I offer this package:

CD-12V (analogue main board)

CD-12DP (digital input board)

High voltage regulator board (made by myself as the TIP50 transistor got way too hot for my liking on the main board, and over time it scorched the board, so this little board fixed the problem.)
+ the blank CD-12PWR PCB board. (no components supplied)
+ the full Curcio audio documentation for the kit.

I'm asking GBP160.00 for it (without tubes)

- or GBP180.00 with the 2x NOS Mullard CV4024 valves

+ shipping cost@

UK GBP10, Europe GBP20, Elsewhere ~GBP25-30 (please ask)

Just the blank boards alone cost $225 at present, so I'm asking a bit less than the blank board price - So, it's an absolute bargain for someone!

I'm selling only as I have downsized house and can no longer accomodate a large hi-fi system.

Please send a PM if you'd like it. First to ask & pay me for it gets it!



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