Cueing Lift?

I've looked, but have only found lots of Threads on Tonearms. I haven't seen all that much about Cueing Lifts. Sure, I can set a Needle in the Groove by hand, but it is still nice to be able to lift it at the Deadwax and bring it back to it's Rest on a Cue..I have managed to make one that almost works the way that I'd like it to, and I wonder if anyone out there has any good DIY designs for one of these?
This is what I've come up with...It will Lift just fine, but I'm going to the Hardware Store tomorrow to find 2 very light springs to put above and below the Lift Block to hopefully Dampen it a bit.


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I've used this design fairly successfully. It's very simple and, as you can see, can be done in wood. For the most recent one, I drilled the outer support to about 7/16" - the lift dowel is 5/16" - leaving a shoulder at the top with a 5/16" hole through it. I put a brad stopper through the lift dowel just above the cam and a spring between the stopper and the bottom of the shoulder. That gave me a positive return and I used plumber's silicone for damping. It was nice and smooth 'til the silicone oozed out. It still works, but not as smoothly.


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The original post was in the "Schroeder arm?" thread - it's deeply buried in there somewhere. The spring loaded version I described was a definite improvement, but I think the next one will be a nylon support and stainless or brass for the lift rod. And I have to find someway to confine the damping fluid.

The hardest part was the 3D positioning and adjusting - making sure it cleared the tonearm at rest, but lifted it well clear of the record, cleared the platter, but could lift the tonearm from the runout grooves - that stuff took forever.